Thursday, November 15, 2007

Confidence....or lack of

Its absolutely astonishing to me just how much confidence controls a person's actions and ultimate destiny. This is both exciting and terrifying, depending on which side of this spectrum you find yourself. Somewhere in the middle can be the worst place to be. If a person has extreme confidence, they can conquer the world and do so with lack of skill or talent. Many great leaders of the past had no skills or experience; but their confidence concealed that and people tend to see what they want to or what it is they are searching for in the first place. When you look up to someone that you consider a leader or role model, you expect that person has had some experience or credibility to get where they are. Therefore, you will find what you are looking for so long as they portray it. Most people will overlook the negative and continue to see what they want, never doubting. Humans tend to feel the need to believe in something or someone, and a higher purpose for their lives than the obvious. However, for those unlucky few who discover that the person whom they once admired is no real role model at all, it can be devastating. When you realize that a person whom you held on a pedastal has no credibility, skills, or wisdom and instead there was only a portrayal of confidence, it takes away your trust in mankind. A person will begin to doubt everyone around them. On the flip side of this, it makes you realize that with confidence or at least the presentation of such, there's no limit. If you feel secure in yourself and can proudly boast your "achievements" and "accomplishments", no matter how minute or transparent they are, people will believe in you. So, to get to the point, I'm not sure if this is good or bad news. Perhaps we can just consider this one eye opening. Its not meant to put distrust in your heart but instead to make you less vulnerable and more aware of the people that influence you. In the meantime, let's just hope that we are "confident" people.


Lyra said...

Now you've really left me wondering here. Did something happen to you this week to influence this post?

Stephanie said...

So does this lack of credibility paired with confidence equal a fraud, a phony? If so, I want substantiated confidence or none at all!