Friday, November 16, 2007

Music of Life

Music is a huge part of our culture today for more reasons than I could possibly write about in this short blog. Its tremendous influence should not only be noticed but should be respected and utilized. One problem with society is that those who have been smart enough to use the influence of music on our youth are those sending out negative messages. Too many times I've heard parents' response to explicit lyrics "its just music". Just music?!? Think back to childhood for yourself. For the majority of Americans, childhood is remembered as a collage of pictures in a slideshow set to music. Depending on the milestone, different songs can be heard. Music triggers memories of past events, good and bad. It can set or change a person's mood instantly. Music can make the most reserved person break out into some "Elaine" type of dance in which all modesty is gone. (Seinfeld fans are sure to understand that statement!). For me, I love many types of music and plan to expose my children to lots of different music. However, we need to pay closer attention to the words they hear and what's being absorbed. Those of us who are parents need to take this to heart and use it to our advantage. There are lots of Christian stations out there and most children are open to new music so turn the channel to a positive station. Can't find one? Don't let that be an excuse. There are many online radio stations that are free to hear. Stores sell CD's everyday! When you find it difficult to talk to your kids about a particular subject, find it in a song. It might not be coming directly from you but does that matter as long as they are hearing the message? Keep your own opinions about the "style" of music to yourself. Everyone has their own likes and dislikes so keep that in mind. This can also bridge the gap between personalities so turn the music up and keep singing!

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