Saturday, February 9, 2008


So, my friend Lyra sent me an email to let me know I've been "tagged" in blog world. Now I have to blog about randomness. 5 random things about myself and 5 random places I'd like to see or see again. I get the feeling it should also be things that perhaps no one would know about me too. Although I love reading these things in other people's blogs, I generally don't do them myself but for you Lyra, of course! I'm pretty boring so this might actually be difficult. Bare with me.

5 Random Things About Myself

1. I'm an ordained minister with the Universal Life Christian Church. Don't judge me - it was for a project in a college Religion class! I don't ever claim to be a minister nor would I ever use it for anything.

2. I've worked at 2 of the same places my mother worked. My first job at Barnacle Bill's Pier and my job now at Century 21.

3. I still hold the dream of one day becoming a Psychologist, preferably specializing in Family Counseling.

4. I've watched Days of Our Lives for as long as I can remember. Now I have DVR so I never miss an episode.

5. I've never had a broken bone or surgery - unless you count my wisdom teeth removal.

Now, 5 Random places I'd like to see or see again

1. Italy - anywhere or everywhere. I have a dream of dropping everything (except family) and moving there

2. New York - I've never been and would love to go experience the entire city. If I had never married or had children, I would have considered living there.

3. England- I'd love to visit the palace

4. Australia - A safari would be awesome. The wildlife there is fascinating

5. The Holy Land - To be able to put a picture with the stories of the Bible would be priceless

That wasn't too bad and I did need some inspiration for blogging - thanks Lyra!