Thursday, April 17, 2008

Babies, Babies, Babies

Have you ever noticed that phenomenon that people always say about how things happen in threes? Usually a person is referring to death or pregnancy. 2 opposite extremes. This does seem to be the case lots of times. Fortunately, no one has died that I'm writing about today! However, it seems as though when someone close to me is expecting, its not long before I know of at least 2 more people. For the past few years, I can always name someone near me that's pregnant. I guess that's because I'm at a popular childbearing age as are most of my friends. Unfortunately, I won't be for too much longer. At least not according to my birthday next month. *Disclaimer* - That last comment is solely my opinion for me! For those of you who are ahead of me in years and having babies, I mean no disrespect. Simply put, I said I didn't plan to have any children after my 30th birthday and that's still my intention. So back to the point. I now have 3 people very close to me who are expecting and one that's adopting. Between the 4 of them, 5 babies! Way to go Amanda! Everytime I get the chance to be some part of a baby's birth, even if its as simple as witnessing the growth of mommy's belly and that sweet newborn a few months later, it reminds me just how thankful we should be for these miracles that are given to us. I believe that's the biggest miracle that has ever existed; the conception, birth and growth of a child. And to think, God trusts us to take care of his treasure that he created! It absolutely blows my mind to just watch a newborn sleep, move and make those strange but cute noises. To imagine how this tiny creature began and what has formed almost litarally in front of our eyes. And technology now allows us to witness this miracle in the making in 3D and 4D! WOW! When I am on the brink of a nervous breakdown because my children have driven me there, I need to remember just how lucky I am to have them and that I have been blessed with 3 miracles.

Congratulations to Stephanie, Nicole, Amanda and Melissa!

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