Friday, April 11, 2008

Stop and Smell the Mustard Greens

For those that read my blog, sorry for the long delay. Lots has been happening in my life over the past month or so with the most obvious being that I am now unemployed. I don't plan to tell that story but its very relevant to this post since one of the last things my boss said to me was an inclination that I needed to get my priorities straight. My new job is stay at home mom. I know you've heard all the hype about being politically correct and making sure that we don't undermind this job because of its hard work and importance. I'm not sure I agree with all the hoopla I hear concerning this but I will tell you my experience so far. This job is much harder than it looks. They're my children whom I see everyday so what could have been the big deal about now staying home with them and keeping them everyday? I'm here to tell you - its a very big deal and a bigger change than anyone can explain. Everyday, I'm learning new things about my children (and myself) that I didn't know before. I didn't realize that I barely even knew who they were. That may seem like an exaggeration but taking into account the many little things I've discovered over the past 4 weeks, its really not. Anyway, bottom line is that I am so thankful that I am now at home with my children. The one thing I want to make sure everyone knows is that in spite of the hard work, this is absolutely, without a doubt, the most rewarding job one could ever have. I won't even begin to try to explain it but those of you who are parents and especially those that stay home with their children will understand. Now, back to the title of this post. I have been given a new opportunity to focus on the important things in life and quite honestly, it took me a little while to figure out what that was since my priorities have included unwanted things for a long time. I am spending lots of time with my children, without a television or radio for the entire day, and finding that I love being outdoors. Although that may change as this NC summer approaches! I have more time for my husband, whom I appreciate now more than ever. I've tried to make this transition as easy as possible for him since there will be some things I can't control like money and bills. Its the simple things like keeping the house clean, cooking dinner, making his lunch and most of all, spending time with him that matter now. We are getting along much better now which I had suspected would happen. However, I do feel as though I have some accountability in this new job that I had not realized would be the case. When Curtis comes home, I feel like I have to give him the rundown of what I've been doing all day even though he doesn't always ask. Today, I'll tell him that we have worked on our new garden, trimmed the trees and hedges around the house and yard, raked and picked up pine straw, washed clothes and dishes, had a friend over for AJ to play with, and most important, visited my grandparents. Although we arrived as he was finishing, the girls and I were able to walk with Grandad in his garden as he cut the fresh mustard greens for my Grandma to cook. That's been the best part of our day so far. I think I'm finally getting my priorities straight.


Stephanie said...

What great insight you've gathered and fulfillment of the cliche, "when one door closes another door opens". I think it's wonderful that you can have such a part in your children's daily life, it's a blessing and opportunity cost, but I truly believe well worth it. The little things do matter from what I can tell from you. I'm so very happy for you! (and your family for they've gained tremendously too)

Nelliegray said...

Amen... I am glad you have reached a sense of peace in your life and have returned to the Carla I used to know. Your children are beautiful and special and I wish you the best of luck in your new occupation of homemaker. Much Love