Sunday, July 6, 2008

This Great Country

The United States of America. We live in the most wonderful, magnificent, beautiful country on this planet and Independence Day is a holiday that should be celebrated close behind Christmas and Easter. The most perfect area of the world that was created by our great God and we live here. So, what's wrong with that? I ask myself that every time I turn on the television or open a paper and see lawsuits, hear debates or listen to complaints about how our country is run and our government is corrupt. I'll be the first to speak up and say that we could use some major improvements and that there are certain aspects of our democracy that could use some questioning. What I don't like to hear is the constant complaining and bickering about everything that's wrong here. Look at what we as Americans have been privileged enough to experience. There are people all around the world risking their lives to get here and most everyone I know was blessed to be born here in a free world. A place where you have the right to live, work and most importantly worship our God as we please. We have the opportunity to build a house on a piece of Earth that is labeled as our own, have electricity and running water supplied in that home and food on our tables. And if you can't afford food, our government has put into place programs to make sure you are fed. Granted, there are some who take advantage of this but that should not undermine the purpose of such programs. In most other countries, if you found yourself without food, you'd most likely die of starvation. In most countries, if your home was destroyed by a natural disaster, you'd hope for helping neighbors or that another country like America would come to your aid. Here, we complain about how our country doesn't act fast enough or give enough to replace what we have lost. When did our principles and expectations become so misconstrued as to think that we are owed something to live here instead of thanking God everyday that we have been fortunate enough to be allowed to live here? And why is it that we have become so stingy and greedy about what we have? Why do some hesitate to help our neighbors in other countries? Perhaps this is where we should apply the logic of "What would Jesus do?" He certainly wouldn't let others suffer, starve or die while watching silently and "minding his own business." I have to admit that I have at times been frustrated, seeing our military die for people in other countries who may not even appreciate their braveness and sacrifice. However, I then realize how selfish that notion really is. When did we decide that our brothers and sisters in Christ are limited to one country? After all, did God not create the Earth? There's no mention of America in the Bible. Therefore, I have to believe that He meant for us to be one brotherhood, throughout the world and to love each other. And to love each other is care about others and treat them as we would our friends. Back to the subject - what's so wrong with this great country that we live in? We are the country that was founded by the principles that God created and we are the country who lends a hand to those in need, just as Christ would do. So next year, on the 4th of July, celebrate your freedom, this country and those who made sacrifices so that you can.

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Stephanie said...

I liked this blog, but it's been a while....where's your next entry?