Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Lower Income Means Less Intelligence -WHAT?!?

Is this statement true? Even if it "were" true, it would be a generalization or a stereotype. But does this stereotype have a basis and if so, why? I won't get into the reasons about why the subject came up in my mind but I think its worthy of discussion. Our human nature often triumphs over our spiritual guidance in conversations such as this. We tend to see the world through our own eyes than through the eyes of God. That's why stereotypes exist in the first place. We don't have the innate ability of our Creator to see each individual as just that, an individual and not part of any particular type of people. That's why there are blond jokes, racist jokes, feminine jokes and many others that we laugh at even though they can be hurtful. In case you were wondering, I am including myself each time I say "we" because I am as guilty as anyone else I know. Back to the subject at hand. Our great country has decided that lower income means less intelligence. by "our great country", I'm not only speaking of its leaders but the people of America as well. We have created programs like Head Start for children and other government and state funded programs to assist with educating children. However, to be a part of these programs, you must fall below a certain income bracket, based on the size of your family. Therefore, you could conclude from this that we are in fact saying that families with lower incomes have children that need more education. This gives the implication that poverty is the result of less intelligent people. While I believe there may be a correlation, I don't think this is the message that was intended with the implementation of these education programs. Instead of assuming that people who take advantage of such programs are less intelligent, perhaps we should take a different approach. These are the people who are smart enough to realize that their children need an education and they are smart enough to place them in such programs. Its not necessarily that the less wealthy are any less intelligent but instead that the wealthy have left them uneducated and without options. Now who should we judge? Perhaps we should learn by the example of God and judge no one according to his riches on this earth.

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Nelliegray said...

Well said and I totally agree!