Monday, September 29, 2008

Financial Crisis

First of all, what does that mean? I guess it depends on who you are asking and when. If you're asking me, I'll tell you its what I've been in since I moved out of my mom's house. It just never seems to end does it? Every time you think you're getting ahead, some unforeseen situation arises which usually requires exactly the amount of money you thought you were saving in the bank account. I know we should look at that in a different light. After all, aren't we lucky that enough money was there because it hasn't always been, right? Many times, I realize that God is taking care of us and our situations in that respect but its hard to keep that in focus. I quickly find myself getting frustrated because I don't get to keep that money or spend it on what I thought we needed. But I have to remind myself that I am not supposed to worry because God has said he will take care of my needs and he's proven that so far in my life.
So what does this financial crisis mean in reference to our country today? If you've seen a newspaper or turned on your television, you're very aware of the situation on Wall Street and the demise of some major financial institutions which have until now been some substantial representation of American wealth. So where does this leave the average US citizen and what does this mean to us? Higher taxes, decrease in our ability to gain credit, loss of stocks and retirement funds, and worst of all, the loss of what little bit of trust we had left in people. How could these owners and CEO's become so greedy that they lost sight of the fortune already granted to them? I'm not judging but truly asking this question because I've never been in a situation of financial wealth and therefore do not understand what it does to a person's way of thinking. Perhaps we can't blame money for a person's actions. I wouldn't think so anyway. After all it's not money that is the enemy but the love of it, right? That's a tough concept to swallow. How many of us, myself included, would be able to say that they do not care about money or that we've never put money first in our lives? If we're honest, I doubt that many of us could say that. Still, I am very frustrated with the current status of our country's financial situation and with those who got us to this point. They were supposed to be the leaders, the intelligent ones who made the right decisions concerning money and they got us into worse trouble than I've could ever imagine getting myself into.... SEVEN HUNDRED BILLION DOLLARS!!! That's ludicrous. And what bothers me even more is how it got to this point before anyone realized there was a problem. If you or I miss one credit card payment, the collectors are threatening to make our lives miserable and take all we have!
I don't have any answers here but suggest you look to prayer and your bible to shed light on this situation. Wouldn't it be great if we could get back to the days of the Old Testament so we never found ourselves in this predicament again?
"They did not require an accounting from those to whom they gave the money to pay the workers, because they acted with complete honesty." 2 Kings 12:15

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