Tuesday, September 23, 2008

How Did They Get There?

Do you ever read a book, watch a movie or see someone famous that you admire for whatever reason and wonder how they got where they are? I like to watching the shows that come on the E! channel showing how famous actors and actresses started out. Some were inevitably going to be stars because of famous parents, siblings, etc. Some worked hard at acting for years and went through many rough disappointments before they finally got a break. Many, however, simply got lucky. I'm sure some of those people would disagree but by all accounts, it seems to be the truth. There are thousands of people who dream of singing in a concert in front of millions or acting in the latest box office hit. Others work hard at writing books, scripts, or plays, hoping to get them published. Still, most of these people face one let down after another. Some, however, are fortunate enough to have the right person see their work, or be at the right place at the right time to take advantage of that big opportunity. The point of this is that it just doesn't seem to be a fair system in comparison to many career paths. Take doctors, lawyers and teachers for example. With hard work, lots of studying and a good school, each of these will take their desired path and become what they set out to be in the beginning. This is true of many professions. I guess this has come to light for me for several reasons lately. My children have really made me realize the odds because Austin wants to be the next sports superstar and Alex wants to be an actress or a Pop princess. I'm sure lots of children have these types of dreams (although I never aimed that high for some reason....) and they may change their minds several times before they get through school. But what if they don't? What are their chances of seeing those dreams come true and is there anything at all that I can do to help make it happen for them? I'm not sure there's much more I can do than dream with them, encourage them and pray for them. I'll dream with them to keep it alive and real. I'll encourage them by letting them know they are capable of achieving it but special even if they don't. And last but certainly not least, I'll pray for them that they always take the path God would have them take and find peace with the decisions they've made and where they end up. Who knows; maybe that's all it really took for those famous people to get where they are!

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