Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Something New and Rewarding

I've decided to try something new in my blog. I recently heard someone on a talk show say that before doing anything else, he starts every day by doing something nice for someone else (It could mean starting the coffee pot for your spouse or praying for someone in need). That's a great habit for us all to adopt. Along that same thought, I'd like to make a habit of dedicating at least one post every month or two to honor someone else. It may be someone I know or someone that I may not know but feel they are special for some reason or another. This does mean that I have to start blogging much more often or every blog will be like a biography! That may get old to the readers. However, I hope that this will be something that everyone could look forward to since it may be you or someone you know. I would most certainly welcome the comments on these, especially if its to add something nice about the person. If anyone has suggestions of someone, I welcome those too. Email them to me at You may be able to give me some insight into that person too! This should be a great confidence booster for people! We should all start doing more for other people. This can be really difficult considering how busy our lives are these days. Still, I think that the rewarding feeling it brings will definitely be worth the few moments it takes. We could each start with a goal of one kind act per day and build up from there. Eventually, it will become habit or second nature to think of others before ourselves. Let's all try to put this into practice for just a few days and see what a difference it can make in our lives and the lives of those we touch!


Lyra said...

Great idea, Carla! Go for it!

Stephanie said...

Girl you continue to amaze me with your blogging! You already put others before yourself, we must be cut from the same cloth???? HAH! You inspire me to continue searching for "more" on a daily basis. Keep up the encouraging words! Love, Stephanie