Saturday, October 4, 2008


My wonderful Aunt Wendy helped me go through piles of hand-me-down clothes yesterday to sort out what my kids will be wearing this winter, what will wait until next year and what will be passed along to someone else due to my extreme "pickiness" (not sure if that's a word but hopefully it makes sense) about what my children are wearing. It doesn't sound like a big task but I'm sure if you ask her, she will tell you that you have no idea. I decided to make them try on almost every piece of clothing so I don't end up with what I usually call the "spare" drawer. That's where those awkward clothes go that don't fit right, don't fit at all or that simply don't work for my kids. (That's the "pickiness" again) In the past, I would have put them aside in a drawer "in case" they needed play clothes or something. For some reason, I believed that I would not be so extreme that I'd actually be anal about what they wore to play in our house or yard when we were not expecting visitors. What have I been thinking all these years? I know myself better than that but was apparently in denial and in turn wasting precious space. Now I've come to terms with this obsessive behavior and instead of trying to change it, I'll just accept it and make life easier for myself this winter. So back to the reason I chose to write about this. We've had a tough week and going through those clothes put things back into perspective for me. I was falling into a rut, only thinking about things I wanted to happen and the things that I did not have. Now, looking at these piles of clothes around my living room, in the hallway, and even more in the girls' room, I'm reminded that we will be OK. God will take care of us and provide our needs. Although my obsessive personality is kicking in and I have the overwhelming need to put them all away immediately (even though there's no room for them anywhere), I'm very thankful. I have friends who think of us when they have clothes to give away and I will never be too good to accept them. My children will look as great as any others in their hand-me-downs and I will be proud to say that God has provided yet again.

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