Monday, October 6, 2008

A Special Friend

Choosing someone special to write about was a lot more difficult than I imagined. There are many people in my life whom I cherish for one reason or another. Still, this person jumped out at me when I was trying to think of who was not only a friend but someone who just makes the world a better place by being here. Vickie Morrison. Anyone who knows her knows exactly what I'm talking about without me writing any further. But I'm going to anyway! Vickie is about the most kind hearted person I have ever met. I think she would do almost anything for even a stranger if they truly needed it. Thoughtful doesn't even begin to describe her personality. I know without any doubt that if I called on Vickie for something, she'd be there for me. Or most anyone else for that matter. She manages to be caring and concerned without being intrusive. It seems that she always calls or emails me at just the right time. Whenever I need a little boost, I can count on her. She can cheer me up when I'm down and make me laugh when I feel like crying. Although I don't get to talk to her or see her as much as I'd like, I know that when we do meet again, it will be like we speak everyday. For anyone who knows Vickie, I'm sure you feel the same. So make sure you tell her the next time you see her how much you appreciate what a terrific person she is and what she means to you. I should do that more often and I'm going to start now. Vickie, you are an amazing person and an inspiration in my christian walk. I appreciate who you are and what a great friend you are to me. Thank you and I love you!


justbaked said...

does she know you wrote this? if not you need to pass it around....
I completely agree with you - i miss talking to her when we worked, well you know where! I should go up to Holly RIge and tell her to come and have lunch this week, so I can sit down and chat with her! She is truly a giving and loving person! :)

Nelliegray said...

Amen! I saw her not too long ago and she looked great! She is truly an inspiration and a spirit lifter. I miss her so much!