Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Someone please explain to me why human nature makes people do such unreasonable and stupid things. Or better yet, with that being the case, why do the same people continue to choose that path and not search for a better way? While I realize that doesn't completely erase our human nature, it can at least make you think before making the wrong decision. Then, you're choosing to be defiant and not just ignorant to the fact. Maybe its easier for people to do as they please without knowing better than to try to be a better person. I know that many people choose that path but I will never understand why. Still, I realize that many also claim ignorance when that is not the case. I believe in the concept of common sense and I'm frustrated to no end when someone ignores it. Its given to us to use so why waste it? Its annoying to see someone throw away their life by ignoring common sense but even more frustrating to me is for someone to hurt others by doing the same. Even if they lack the respect for themselves to do the right thing, what is it that makes a person feel entitled to hurt someone else with their stupid decisions. What makes people say "that's your problem" because its not and its time for us to stop accepting this explanation. Perhaps that's what enables people to act on their human instincts instead of considering all aspects of a situation, including how it will affect someone else. Maybe if those being hurt will take responsibility of the situation more often and stop letting others treat them as if they are less important, some of it would cease. Who knows? We might all become better people if we just have something as simple as respect for ourselves and those we care about.

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