Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Because Disasters Make Great Stories

Don't you agree? You may not think so at the time of the incident but human nature loves to share negative information. Sometimes stories are told for dramatic effect and sometimes they are told for the humorous entertainment of others. When something happens in our lives that is unexpected and usually unwanted, we tend to share it more than when something wonderful happens. Other than winning the lottery of course! Often, our friends hear about something bad that has happened to us but never hear the positive outcome, which usually follows a little later. They may ask you at a later time what ever happened with so and so and its then that we realize we forgot to tell them it was taken care of! We are so quick to call and complain to them and display our problems yet slow to give them the positive updates. Why do we do that? I think its because we crave the sympathy, concern and attention. People tend to want to help us and take care of us by showering us with attention when we are in need. However, when times are good, there's a quick "glad to hear it" and the conversation ends shortly thereafter. So which side of the situation needs to change in order for us to share more good news versus bad? Perhaps it should be the side of the person hearing the negative or positive news. We should be sympathetic and caring to someone going through a tough time. However, we should be even more excited and share in the joy of the positive news more. This might change how we "ask" for attention. If we know that a good happening will generate as much attention, then we can start being more positive. And we all know that happiness can spread just as much as sadness. For the new year, try to start focusing more on the positives in every situation. Look for the happy things in our lives that we can share with others and be more excited about those same things in the lives of our friends and family. Who knows, it might become a "pay it forward" type of thing. The next time a "disaster" occurs in your life, try to play it down and share it less. And before ending this post, let me share some good news. Our familiy has been truly blessed in the month of December so far. We have received unexpected generosity in many different ways including support from friends and family, the gift of time and monetary gifts. To any of you who have contributed to our blessings, we thank you and hope to return the generosity back to you in your time of need.

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