Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Start of a New Day

Is this a good or bad notion? Depends on how you look at it... your perception. This idea can absolutely be a positive thing or motivation for your life. Unfortunately, some people (myself included) may use this as a crutch for a negative action. The non-believer probably uses this more often but that's just an assumption on my part. To be able to do something negative which may include anything from a white lie to drug abuse and simply think, "tomorrow's the start of a new day". That thought can be very enabling to a person with lack of willpower and strength. You'd like to keep that thought in the back of your head when doing something negative and think that the slate can be miraculously wiped clean so that you can start fresh tomorrow. What is it about the dawn of a new day that makes us think it will go away and all will be forgotten? Its simply not true. The damage that is done today will see its consequence tomorrow and may not be forgotten. We are always responsible for our actions and their outcome. I speak from experience. I'm one of those "starting tomorrow" dieters. Food is definitely my drug of choice. I compare it to a drug because in excess that's what it is. Too much or the wrong kind is bad for you, puts you before family and keeps you from living the life that you really want. Doesn't that describe a drug? Some may disagree but I believe that food is very addictive. It's familiar and helps you forget about other things for just a few moments. It can also be a social pressure just as a drug can. Most of what we do socially is centered around food. I say "we" knowing that there are some healthy people out there who do not live the same lifestyle. So let's just assume I'm talking about my life, my family and my friends. We plan our outings around dinner plans. Lunch at the park, gatherings at church, parties at restaurants. Doesn't that sound familiar to you? Of course this is not true for everything we do but the majority of the time it is. So we give in, we go out to dinner or to the party and think, "OK, I can start again tomorrow". Why does this make any sense? It doesn't! That extra food we ate yesterday doesn't disappear overnight just because I have good intentions of getting back on the wagon tomorrow only to fall off again. Or as Oprah said last week, "I didn't just fall off this time; the wagon fell on me". Remember that post about starting the New Year off with good intentions? I did. So what happened? Life. Again. Its no excuse but its my story. So, here we go again because its the start of a new day.
What about the positive side of this notion? Yes, there is one! When life goes bad, or we do screw up in some way, tomorrow is the start of a new day. God willing, we will live to see the next day and have a chance to make things right. When we lose a loved one, we know that life will go on and tomorrow will come. We can wake up each morning and decide that today will be a great day because we choose for it to be. Sometimes life throws unexpected tragedies at us which can slow or sometimes cause it to stand still. No matter what, tomorrow will still come and it will be the start of a new day. For Christians, this means much more that the literal interpretation. God is forgiving, no matter our faults or wrong doings. He will forgive and all we have to do is ask. That seems simple enough so why do we hesitate? Never hesitate because he's always there. We have a tough but forgiving and loving God. My human self is so thankful for this because its only by grace that I get to start over so many times. I may fail over and over but I know that there is someone who will still accept me as I am and be my support at the start of a new day. "With the love and mercy from our God, a new day from Heaven will dawn upon us" Luke 1:78

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