Thursday, March 12, 2009

Spring is here! Or is it?

What is with the weather here in NC?!? One day we are freezing. The next, we are wearing shorts! Is this the outcome of the global warming that we've been hearing about for most of our adult years? It wasn't like this when I was a child, was it? Maybe its always been this way in NC and I just don't remember it. I don't remember sweating during Christmas break from school or wearing gloves and a heavy coat to go Easter egg hunting. My children have experienced both these things. Don't most places in our country have 4 seasons? How are we supposed to deal with this ever changing weather on a daily basis? There are so many things to consider. I dread going through the children's clothes twice during the year to change from summer clothes to winter clothes and vice versa. We have to wait until its either a steady 80+ degrees or until its been 50- for at least a month before we change them out. This past weekend for example, I certainly felt the need to pack up all the winter things and bring out the shorts and t-shirts. Today, I've sent the children to school in jeans and sweaters! Apparently I'm not the first person to notice this problem. Someone has invented pants and jeans which can convert to shorts in an instant. And Alex owns a hoodie sweatshirt with no sleeves! I suppose that's the answer when you haven't had time to watch the weather before you get dressed in the mornings. That's why windows go up and down easily and a heat pump can change from heat to A/C with the flip of a switch. After all, who in NC hasn't switched from one to the other in the same day before? I'm not talking about those hot flashes that Stephanie mentions all the time either! I'm talking about a 35 degree night and a 78 degree day within 24 hours. Because I always try to find the positives in everything, here are some final thoughts about this. I like to have the house cooler at night so if we open the windows during the day and close them just before bedtime, we don't have to turn on the heat pump for days. That's great for the electric bill! Another plus is that you don't get tired of wearing the same clothes everyday. You're clothes never get worn out because you can wear something from the winter closet one day and the summer closet the next. The last great advantage to this weather. Where else in the world can you build a snowman one week and have a great day at the beach the next week?!?