Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Dirty Socks

There are not many things I find more frustrating than enjoying a moment of satisfaction in the completion of my work just before realizing that I missed something. This happened recently when I was doing laundry. I began with a feeling of intimidation as I faced this huge mountain of what I thought just had to be at least 10 loads of laundry. Of course, it ended up being more like 5 but still it consumed quite of bit of my day to load the washer, switch to dryer, fold and put away all those clothes. By the end of the day (or night rather), I felt great satisfaction as I looked at the empty bottom of the clothes basket and shut the doors on the washer and dryer. Feeling very accomplished and probably even smiling, I made my way into my bedroom to begin my nightly “before bed” ritual. As I rounded the corner, my face fell in disgust and horror. There, in the middle of the bedroom floor laid a pair of dirty socks. How could I have missed them as I walked in and out of this room throughout the day?!? There they were; a reminder that I had not completed all of the laundry. While it seems quite trivial, any person who has experienced this moment understands what a feeling of defeat it can bring over you.

Because I am an optimist, I consider it a personal challenge to find the good in every situation. So here goes my farfetched attempt. I wonder if this is how God sometimes feels about his people. He tries so hard to guide us in the right direction and then, after much perseverance, we begin to move. Soon, we are on fire for God and growing closer to him. Just when he thinks it is ok to relax a little and let his guard down, Wham! Dirty socks! Our sins start to come out again and he realizes his work will never be finished. I am reminded of the children’s song, “He’s Still Working on Me”. That is so true and we’d do well to never forget it. If God doesn’t get discouraged with us, then we should never get discouraged in our work. Just remember to be thankful that God continues to work on us and will not leave us finished!