Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Soap Opera Dreams

Ok, I’m about to admit something I never thought I would publicly announce but here goes….. I’m addicted to a soap opera. Days of Our Lives to be more specific or DOOL as its fans know it. I love several of the actors and actresses on the show as well such as Alison Sweeney, Shawn Christian, Molly Burnett , and James Scott, even though lots of their storylines are a little farfetched. Still, I watch every episode on my DVR, waiting anxiously to see what will happen next and who will find out the big secrets first! This is what I’d call a guilty indulgence. Of course I know that half of what I watch would never happen or that things don’t happen in real life the way that they play out on the show. That’s what makes it all the better. You know that they are not abiding by the same rules as the rest of the universe so anything is possible and there are usually surprises revealed that you never expected. The best part of watching my soap is that it momentarily takes me into the story and therefore pulls my mind away from all my worries in my own real world.

Recently, I had a dream as I have had in the past about something that is not going to happen in reality. It was one of those clear, beautifully detailed dreams where a loved one who has passed returns as if they have been on vacation. You get to see them, hear them, and hug them again, while questioning where they have been. For a moment in that dream, it’s just so real and exciting that you wish you wouldn’t wake up for hours. I’m sure many others have had similar dreams to mine which is what I’ve labeled my “Soap Opera Dreams”.

While explaining why I enjoy watching my soap, I can’t help but laugh and think, “Did you hear what you just said? God can make my life a soap opera as well.” With God in my life, anything is possible and time spent with him can take my mind off the things of this world that don’t matter. And don’t forget, there are little unexpected surprises along the way. Some of them are good and some are not but regardless of which, they keep life interesting and the storyline is always changing. If you happen to be a fan of DOOL or another soap opera yourself for the same reasons, try to remember that with God, we live out those Soap Opera Dreams!