Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Can I Get a "Do-Over" Please?

Everyone has days that they wish they could do over. For some, those days come more often than for others. Opportunity has much to do with that. Let me explain further. Someone who works a full time job and has a family is less likely to wish for "do-over" days because they have probably done everything required for that day. They have worked a full day, tended to their children, perhaps done some housework and the day is over. Occasionally, that person may tend to be a little more relaxed at work or may let the children watch television for the only couple of hours that they were together but for the most part, the working person with a family will not have too many slack days. Moving on, there's the person who is unemployed or who has several hours a day to spend as they wish. I'm not suggesting these people have no responsibilities but rather that they have a more flexible schedule. They might be more likely to relinquish their responsibilities and do something else like nap, watch TV, read a book, etc. Getting the idea yet? And then there are those who have responsibilities but have the most flexible schedule. This group of people are more likely to want for "do-over" days because they have the most opportunities to become complacent or for lack of a better word, "lazy". I do not mean to say they are lazy people but that they have more opportunities to have a lazy day. Before continuing and possibly offending, let me point out that I consider my current situation to be somewhere in the middle and often wish for "do-over" days myself. Today is one of those days and therefore is what prompted this post.   
I am ONLY talking about what I consider to be lazy days and not the times when we have said or done something we wish we could take back. That's a whole different ballgame that I do not have room for here! I spent today with my entire family at home, with the exception of a trip to the grocery store. Of course there were a few mandatory items taken care of such as a load of laundry, load of dishes to put away, meals, baths and things such as that. Still, that left sooooo many hours of the day to be productive. I was not. Instead, I watched television with my husband, played on the computer, chatted on the phone with a couple of friends, and played with my children. Before I knew it, they day was winding down and it was already time for the children to prepare for bed. I realized just how much time I had wasted in the day. But was it actually "wasted"? The idea is subjective so I'll stick with what it meant to me. After a little examination of today's activities (or lack of), I decided that it was not a complete waste. Yes, I absolutely could have been much more productive than I was and I'm not so sure God would approve of my day. His word does say in Ecclesiastes 10:18 "Through laziness, the rafters sag; because of idle hands, the house leaks.."  OK, maybe that's a little extreme and would require many days of consistent laziness but it still points out that God does not approve of laziness. Still, I remind myself of the story of Jesus, Mary and Martha. He scolded Martha for being so busy that she could not take time to listen to Jesus and enjoy his company. Often, preachers will relate this story to our lives today, reminding us to take time to enjoy what we work for. Obviously, this could be taken out of context or to an extreme but the simple point is this. Beware of idleness and be careful to not let it keep you from your responsibilities and the work God has assigned you to accomplish. However, take the time to enjoy what He has already given you. I believe there is a middle ground where I can be motivated to work towards His ideals while taking an occasional day such as this one to enjoy the gifts He has already blessed me with. So on second thought, I think I'll pass on that "do-over".

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