Monday, July 25, 2011

Black Sheep

For most of my life, I've walked the straight and narrow. Like any teenager or young adult, there were times when I strayed, but only briefly and not very far. I'm not saying that to boast but because its a fact. Speaking in fact, there are moments that I wish I had "lived" or rebelled a little more during those years but you can't redo the past so its not something I dwell on. Now that I'm out of my twenties and have really begun to figure out who it is I want to be for the rest of my life instead of what I want to be, I find myself surprised as my eyes are opened. My eyes have been opened to myself and my view is ever changing in reference to those around me. Most of all, I am surprised by what I notice to be other people's perception of me. That's sounds confusing but really it just means that I try to see myself through the eyes of others according to their reaction to me or their words about me. Seems narcissistic but its actually very revealing and useful in making the necessary changes in life to live more like a person aspires to be. After all, if others do not get the impression that you are trying to give or that is not a true representation of who you are, then you should be making changes. Or should you? Maybe if others do not see your true self or intentions, they are looking through lenses that have been stained by jealousy, anger, resentment or some other negative emotion.  You may find that you feel like the Black Sheep when it is the last thing you ever thought you'd be labeled. Generally, the Black Sheep is a term used to reference the one that strays from the normal, and is usually one who does wrong. Perhaps that is not always the situation. Sometimes, the Black Sheep is simply the one who is different and it shouldn't be assumed to be bad just because its not normal. Many great prophets were probably considered Black Sheep in their time because they stood out from the normal and not always in an accepted manner. They were living out God's purpose for their life but because it wasn't what everyone else was doing, it was viewed as being wrong. The purpose of this post is this. If you find yourself being judged as the Black Sheep among your friends or family, you should examine the reasons for that. However, if you find that its only because you do things differently and that you are following where the Holy Spirit is leading you, continue on your path. To be called a Black Sheep because you are open about who you are and your purpose in this life is one of the biggest compliments a person could ever receive!

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