Monday, August 1, 2011

Lost Keys

You've been there. If you haven't, consider yourself lucky and know that its only a matter of time before you share this experience. Its morning, already at least 5 minutes past your designated "leave" time when you realize you forgot your lunch and run back into the house. Now, second time down the steps, and you realize you've forgotten to put something in the mail or to take something out for dinner. You're already late so what's a few more seconds? Finally, getting into your car to leave, feeling rushed and anxious because you're late and it happens. There's no key. How can that be possible? You put it in the same place everyday just so this will not happen. You search frantically through every known place and it has vanished. Your eyes close and you take a deep breath, thinking back to the last time you got out of your car to try and remember where you put the keys. Nothing. Blank space. Well, except for the panic beginning to set in because now you are so late that you'll need to call someone and let them know that you are late. An announcement of your failure to meet a deadline! Of course everyone knows that this ends one of two ways and maybe you can add your own experience as an ending. Either you found the key and were late to where you were going or you didn't. Perhaps you had to call someone to come and get you and have a new key made. Either way, life went on and the incident became a story that you have shared with someone while laughing at a later point.
So many times, we let the lost keys dictate the ending when the ending is going to happen no matter if the keys are found or not. It happens often in life but your reaction to it is the real key.... pun intended. You can let it control your mood for the remainder of the day and decide to succumb to the frustration and possibly even the anger that this extreme inconvenience has caused you. Or, ideally, you will admit the mistake, correct it, and move on. You can choose to abide by those words spoken in the Serenity Prayer: "Accept the things I cannot change." Accepting them does not mean defeat. It simply means what it says so take it literally. You've already lost your keys or maybe its something much bigger in your life. Accept what you can't change such as the past and move on in a positive direction, making a change for the better in the future. It may be as simple as not letting it ruin your day but in the bigger picture, such an attitude of optimism can change your life!

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