Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Efficiency vs. Kindness

If you had to choose, which of these do you prefer; efficiency or kindness? That probably depends on whether you are on the giving or receiving end of the equation. People tend to consider themselves to be good and therefore the automatic reaction is most likely "kindness". But don't be so quick to answer! Think about different situations and what each calls for. For example, if you are at a restaurant, it goes unsaid that you'd like to have a waiter or waitress that is kind. However, you want him/her to be efficient as well. Now, if that really kind waitress fails to keep your glass full, gets your order wrong and then ends her service by giving you the wrong ticket, will you overlook it simply because she was kind? I'm not referring to the occasional tough day had by all. Instead, this is the type of service that you can take at face value, realizing that its a normal day for this waitress. In that exact same situation, would you have noticed if that waitress was sour, as long as she kept your glass full, answered all your questions, delivered your food exactly as it was ordered and appeared with the ticket with precise timing, almost as if she came and went unnoticed? I know what my answer is! What then, does this say about me? It says that when given a choice, I prefer efficiency and that's all. There really is not much else to add to it. I expect the most of people so ideally, I'd expect them to be efficient AND kind while doing so. However, recognizing that God gave us all strengths, weaknesses and preferences, I stand very clearly on the side of efficiency. Think about different situations in your life and what you prefer. Can you be both kind and efficient at the same time? What about those times in which it is you who is choosing to be one or the other? What would people say about your service?

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