Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Presentation is Everything... right?

If you attend an open house, you expect that house to be in pristine condition. The yard should be landscaped and the outside of the house clean. Walking in, expectations are high. The air should smell fresh, the floors be sparkling and all surfaces free of dust. This is what it takes to make a great first impression. After all, if you entered a home that was unkempt and dirty, you might quickly turn away and not stay to look for the beauty underneath all that dust and dirt. Yes, a first impression really is important in most situations. Perhaps it is that important in all situations.

While we are taught that appearance does not matter and that we should not “judge a book by its cover”, we quickly learn that the real world does not always operate by the same rules it teaches. People do judge others by appearance. So what does that mean? Should we worry about what the general public thinks of us based on our appearance or should we abide by the principle we teach our children to not concern ourselves with others’ opinions of us? Personally, I believe it should be looked at from the perspective of a larger picture.

Your appearance should in fact, be based on what you would like others to see. If the entire world is made up of humans, then why would we expect people to act as more than that? For example, humans naturally get an impression or form a temporary opinion about something based on what they see first. So the point is this. If you deal with people and we are referring to people’s opinions, then why do we expect that people we encounter will be anything other than human? Now here’s where I was going with this post. If you want the world to take you seriously in whatever role it is that you are portraying, whether it be in your workplace, church, or other arena, keep in mind the impression you would like for people to receive. In order for them to receive that impression, you have to make sure that’s what is presented! Therefore, presentation is everything…. or at least it is the introduction of everything that will follow.