Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I Can Only Imagine

Over the past few weeks, I have wanted to write but after recently losing a friend, my mind would always succumb to sad thoughts and depressing topics that I did not want to share.

This morning as I was pulling out of my driveway to take the kids to school, we were noticing how beautiful the sunrise was. We often have picture worthy sunrises here on the coast of NC but today’s was especially gorgeous. We decided to drive the 2 miles out of our way to the water so we could see it more clearly. After all, God had really outdone himself today and it wouldn’t be right of us to not fully enjoy his masterpiece! There were stunning shades of pink, lavender and orange outlining particularly bright white clouds. The sun’s rays were unmistakable shining through the tops of the trees as it peaked over the horizon. It was simply remarkable to see.

On the drive to school, I thought about my friend and the song that was played at his funeral, “I Can Only Imagine”. My children and I began talking about how awesome it must be for him to be seeing that sunrise from another viewpoint. We talked about how he must be so happy to be able to spend mornings with his mom and other family members or friends that went on before him. As they moved on to another topic, I continued to think in silence. As we rode, another song came on the radio and its words really made me think. “Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)” by Chris Tomlin. Before his death, my friend had endured much physical and emotional suffering, bound by his illness. He had shared with me his feelings regarding his sickness and also death. He was tired and so was his body. Chis sings “My chains are gone. I've been set free. My God, my Savior has ransomed me. And like a flood His mercy reigns. Unending love, Amazing grace.”

What an amazing thought! He is truly free from all pain is now experiencing a joy like none of us can even begin to imagine. Through tears, I smiled.

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