Monday, March 25, 2013


I don't know anyone who doesn't gossip, myself included. That's probably because everyone I know is human. What is gossip, by your own definition? Before writing this, I had never pondered the question before. When I began trying to answer it, I found myself more vague than before. Before going any further on this topic, let me first say that this is completely written from my point of view without any verification from anyone.

I have heard people say that if you are stating a fact, it doesn't qualify as gossip. They are trying to justify their actions. I'm not sure I agree. There are many things that I can state as fact but that doesn't make it my place to tell others. Here's my take on gossip. Ultimately, it comes down to intention and reason. If I have a true need to tell someone something that isn't about me, then I should have a reason for that person to know. Does it involve them directly? Next, are my intentions pure? If I tell a friend about another friend's transgressions that does not affect either of us, isn't that gossip? Suppose I tell someone with good intentions. Good intentions would imply that I have some solution for a problem. I believe this all boils down to one simple concept.

Before I tell someone news that is not about me or does not pertain to me in any way, I need to stop and think. This is where the "filter" comes in! Am I telling this out of care or concern? Would the person I am talking about mind that I am sharing information about them? Last and most important, have I spoken to God about it and used Him as a reference as to whether or not I should divulge the information?

How do you feel about gossip and what is your take on it?

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