Friday, March 1, 2013

Same Stuff, Different Day

I hear this phrase all the time although its usually with different words. Why do people say this? Usually it's because it does seem like we are doing the same things day in and day out. That's not the same for everyone. There are a fortunate many who cannot say this. Why is that? Are they living a more adventurous life than others? Am I only speaking of those with money or fame? The answer is not at all. While it's true that some lead more exciting lives than others, it doesn't mean that a simple life has to be mundane. Even the simplest life can have joy.

I consider my own to be a simple life. I have also been guilty of responding to a question of "How have you been?" with "Same stuff, different day."  Sometimes, I think it may be accepted small talk more than an actual reflection of our feelings. It is just easier to say that and we know that others will accept it for an answer. If it isn't always what I'm feeling, why do I think I should answer in that way?

I should feel ashamed when I answer a question with the phrase, "Same stuff, different day." First of all, if a person has been kind enough to ask how I am then I should feel an obligation to give an honest answer. Even if they were only asking out of their own obligated feeling, I still owe them more. I should never assume another person's intentions. That being said, I should answer because I believe the other person wants to know.

Second, each morning when we awake, we do so because God has allowed it. He has given us another day to enjoy His creations and His grace and glory. We should revel in that! No matter how mundane the activities of our day may seem, there is something unique about each and every day. If there isn't, maybe that's my point. Perhaps it is our responsibility to make each day special. We should be looking for opportunities everywhere in which to find and share joy with others. Here's my proposal both for you and myself. For the next week, consider the gift of each day. Find the good in it and look for ways to make it different. If we can do it for one week, then we may find that we can change our lives with a new outlook of "Another day, more opportunities!"

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