Monday, December 16, 2013

48 Hour Guaranteed Protection

Anyone who knows me well also knows that I often (or maybe always) over analyze things and make them into much more than they were ever meant to be. My husband would absolutely attest to this! I wonder if anyone else has the same random and sometimes profound thoughts that I do or are most people more apt to accept face value and move on? Let’s move on to my over analytic thoughts and where they led me.

I noticed while getting ready for work that my deodorant has a label that says “48 Hours Guaranteed Protection”. I first laughed, thinking “Wow! I hope to not be the one to prove that’s true!” Then I thought that in order to put that statement there so boldly, surely the company did some kind of testing to ensure that it was true. Maybe they didn’t but if they did, that led me even further down this road. If it had been tested and was true, that led me to think “Who goes 48 hours between showers and deodorant application on a regular basis so that they would need to buy this deodorant for that purpose?” As far as I know, no one in my circle of people would qualify for this testing. So is this normal in other parts of the world or maybe even closer to me and I am unaware? Of course it is! I’m sure there are many places in the world where a daily shower or perhaps even a weekly shower is considered a luxury.  And then, to add deodorant is probably not even heard of in some remote corners. Why am I writing about deodorant and my random thoughts you may ask? I write about it because its little things like that which makes my mind wander to how other people live. I see details like this and realize that I am only one of many in this great big world and there are so many norms that are not the same to those with whom I share this world. People live such different lives and yet we all tend to think we are the standard.  Amazing how a little statement on a deodorant stick can lead me to see just how small my own little world is! Does your mind take you down winding paths like mine does?