Monday, January 13, 2014

Back to School

It’s that time..... AGAIN! Yes, in this ever changing economy, my constant quest for "The Job" goes on. Despite the never changing goal, I find that it keeps slipping away and the path to get there keeps winding! I remind myself that God has great things in store for me and for those whom I might one day influence. For that reason, it is worth the battle. Not to mention, I believe any and all education is invaluable. Therefore, I will begin another semester of school in the next week. I love to learn new things but I really dislike the deadlines and pressure of school. I know, I know; who doesn't? I had thought that my days as a student would be far behind me by now but life got in the way and apparently, there were other plans for me. Either that or there’s the more likely possibility that I took a wrong turn along the way. No matter the reason, I must face the music and get back to the grind. School is necessary to get me to my goal and I can only hope and pray that I am on the right path now. Some may have seen the many obstacles as signs to make a change in my destination. Maybe they are right. You've heard the saying that God doesn't close a door without opening a window. I have waiting on a window to open for a long time. Long enough that I believe it's time to get back to the books. I know that God is omniscient but I keep hoping that He will share some insight with me as to His final plans for me! Wouldn't that make life easier? For now, pray for me that I am going in the right direction. Have you considered or have you implemented major life changes in order to pursue a passion or to follow what you believe is God's path for you?